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HOW TO… Look After Yourself During Lockdown

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We are all living in a weird time and no matter who you are and where you come from, your life has been affected in one way or another by COVID-19. Staying indoors and taking socialising, going to college/work and seeing your family and friends off your agenda for the unforeseeable future can seem daunting. Your mental health and self care could not be more important, so if you are finding yourself in a corona crisis, try these small and simple steps to get yourself in a positive head space.

Create A Tick List
There is nothing more satisfying than having a visual to compliment the things that you are achieving whilst you are at home… no matter how big or small. So write a list of everything you want to achieve this week and watch yourself tick off all the little wins you’re making day to day.

Keep A Journal
This situation is one that is strange, unknown and has never happened in our lifetime. So why not keep a journal of everything that is happening in your life and how you feel about it? It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece or an emotional journey, it is just an opportunity to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. If you have never used writing as a tool before, it is an amazing way to clear your head, and I think it is super important to document this unique time so people can look back on our writings and learn from what we have lived through. 

Set A Structure
It might be tempting to spend all of your time watching Netflix in your PJ’s but daily structure is key. Still get ready on a morning. Still eat meals at meal times. Setting our own daily structure helps us feel in control of our lives and having control, even in the smallest of ways, is vital at this moment in time when there are a lot of aspects of our lives that seem so out of our control. 
AND putting on pants can go on your tick list! Win Win!

Use Your Daily Exercise 
Fresh air and the sun on your face are the little things that we have been taking for granted before all of this. Get out into nature (whilst under the strict social distancing rules) and going for a daily walk or run will do you a whole load of good; Endorphins released? YES! Vitamin D dose? AMAZING! Fresh air? WINNER!

Eat Sleep Eat Repeat
In these strange circumstances, it is more important than ever to look after yourself. Making sure you eat regularly to fuel your body and mind will go a long way. Yes, it’s tempting to eat a packet of biscuits for dinner, and some days that’s what your body and brain needs. But eating biscuits as your staple will not help you in the long run.  Playing on the computer or scrolling through your phone may seem like it takes little brain power, but making sure you get a proper night’s sleep will keep you brain from slipping into negative cracks. 

Learn Something New
Everyone seems to have a little more time on their hands during all of this. So put some time aside to learn or hone a skill. Achieving something new will be amazing for your self esteem and when we are through the other side of this, you’ll have something new to show off to your friends!

Stay Connected
Although spending all of your day on social media is not advised, now is the time to use the technology we have been taking for granted on a daily basis to stay in touch with the people in our lives without coming face to face with them. Reach out, send messages to loved ones and use FaceTime or video calling to keep in touch with your most important people.

It’s the little things that go a long way in these times; they are helping me, so I thought I’d pass the love on. What little things are helping you at the moment? I would love to know!
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Feeling overwhelmed? The Warren are still holding counselling sessions over the phone. Call us on 01482 218115 and press 1 or email to get through to Anita or Emma. 

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